iPrescribe Exercise selected for OpenActive accelerator

iPrescribe Exercise selected for UKactive ActiveLab accelerator

We have built in exercise programmes and information for 20 of the most common long term diseases.  The effects of exercise on health are well known and there is a huge amount of published medical evidence to support this.  The app will also track your health and response to exercise, allowing you to send this information to your health professional. 

Independent Physician review by imedicalapps.com

​iPrescribe Exercise is a free, evidence-based app which analyses the user's health and produces a personalised 12 week physical activity programme that gradually helps you to increase your activity levels.  The app sets the exercise intensity and duration based on the information you provide.  This can play an important role in the management of several long term health conditions for which we can selectively target with the app.  It can also help those who are sedentary or at risk from developing long term health conditions to become more active, and reduce their disease risk.

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We are delighted to be part of the first ever cohort for ukactive's ActiveLab accelerator, which is a specialist accelerator for technology which promotes physical activity. Founding partners include AXA PPP and TechCity UK.

Latest news

iPrescribe Exercise published on the NHS Apps library!  June 2018

iPrescribe Exercise named as part of cohort for OpenActive accelerator at the Open Data Institute, supported by Sport England!  May 2018

Lewis from iPrescribe Exercise presents at the Future Healthcare Conference at London's Olympia  March 2018

Lecture at the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians Symposium:  Lewis from iPrescribe Exercise talks about digital exercise prescription  December 2017

Carron and Lewis from iPrescribe Exercise present at National Physiotherapy UK Conference  November 2017

iPrescribe Exercise recommended in US Prevention Magazine July edition  July 2017

iPrescribe Exercise presents at Elevate Physical Activity conference at London's ExCel  May 2017

iPrescribe Exercise is App of the Week on Drug Store News CE  March 2017

iPrescribe Exercise mentioned in article on Alphr: Beyond Fitness Trackers: How can tech make a bigger impact on our health?  March 2017

Carron and Lewis from iPrescribe Exercise present at ukactive's ActiveLab Live event  March 2017

iPrescribe Exercise featured on ukactive blog February 2017

iPrescribe Exercise recommended in article on Harvard Health: Fitness Trackers:  A Path to a Healthier Heart?  February 2017

iPrescribe Exercise shortlisted for Health App of the Year!  December 2016

iPrescribe Exercise named as part of first cohort for ukactive ActiveLab accelerator!  November 2016

iPrescribe Exercise article on MedPage Today  October 2016

iMedicalApps gives iPrescribe Exercise 4.5 stars out of 5!  October 2016

Lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine:  Carron and Lewis from iPrescribe Exercise talk about digital innovation in exercise prescription  September 2016

Increasing your activity levels will unlock a range of health benefits but it's important to realise that even a small increase can be beneficial.  You can carry out your daily exercise in multiple short sessions with rest in between if you would like.  Our timer function allows you to pause and restart your exercise when you are ready.  You can also choose to do whatever type of exercise you wish.

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We are very excited to be named as part of the cohort for the OpenActive accelerator which is a collaboration between Sport England and the Open Data Institute.  It's a  fantastic opportunity to use open opportunity data to encourage greater uptake of physical activity.

iPrescribe Exercise has been developed by chartered physiotherapists who are experts in exercise prescription. Patient safety and care is of paramount importance. We have included pre-exercise health screening to assess suitability, the app will check your resting heart rate using the built in cardiac monitor and we ask you to input specific health data to determine your risk profile.